Lee Brown / June 29, 2018

How UK elections are influenced by social media followers’ in 2018 

Social media is playing the key role in almost every aspect of life and in the election it has a great influence too. In whatever the portion of the world you are, social media is of great impact and influence. It can affect the image and repute of anyone in a positive or even in a negative way. Social media has provided people with ease and also has made their lives complicated because of the negative criticism and comments people make and the posts and contents that have been posted by unknown sources.

Elections in the UK and social media are considered to be related somehow now a day. Political parties are spending their money on social media platforms like Facebook in order to do campaigns for elections and in order to win from the other parties. All this which they are doing in doing campaigns on social media platforms is being done unregulated and the ads and contents which comes up in the news feed of the social media users is the stuff which is posted on social media without even informing the Electoral Commission about it. All the parties which are involved in the election have to submit the list of expenditures to the Electoral Commission which stops the parties to spend on Elections above the limit.

Expenses On Social Media

The predicted expense lists which the parties submit to the Electoral Commission have some specified portions made for making expenses and no separate portion for the online advertisement expenses are allowed to the parties.  So it is clear that the parties are not directly allowed to get involved in online advertisement activities in order to get fame during elections. These parties hire non-political groups for such campaigns by paying amounts to them and thus get the desired online advertisement done.

Influence on Elections in the UK

Other than this, social media has another influence on Elections in the UK. The image and the reputation of the parties are destructed by the use of social media in politics for campaigns and advertisements and this destruction matters a lot. Anyone could post anything about a party or a political person without even checking the viability of the content and thus the image of the person could easily be spoiled just within hours because most of the people on the social media don’t bother to know whether the content is right or not and don’t even bother to search about the source of the content and just share it randomly. This random sharing of the contents and post could put anyone’s stake in danger.

The simple way which the regulatory bodies have found to stop this influence of social media on elections is to impose a penalty to those who share unconfirmed and not true stuff and content about anyone without even knowing the source of the information. And second way is to encourage political parties to use legit sources to buy followers on social media. This is how the chances of posting wrong information will be lessened as most of the people will stop sharing such contents because of the fear from the penalty.


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