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Lee Brown / June 27, 2018

Impact of Social Media Followers on England This World Cup

Social media followers are actually a challenge for England. As they are detached from the outer world and it is tough for them to maintain their focus and motivation for about 30 days without their familiarities with people and home comforts.

Social media is a good platform; they players can remain in touch with each other and their friends and families too. Other than this, it can add more to their motivation and passion towards football by having a look on people’s excitement out there. But at the same time, there is a strong criticism which may be problematic and could also have a negative impact on the player’s performance in the game. England team is finding is tough to stay off from social media for the whole month. Different players have different thoughts over it.

Rio Ferdinand declares this to be the danger for the tournament. While his friend Frank Lampard declares it to be unrealistic to stay off from the social media accounts. Alex Scott is in the favor of social media use in these days only if it is used in a right way.

The trolling and criticism on social media against any team whether it’s England or any other might be the worst thing for the players this World Cup. Any player who is going to have negative comments or criticism might show bad performance while playing. That negative stuff will just spiral around his mind and he is never going to forget it, especially in this event. So if someone who’s really got a thick skin will be having no issue from the criticism, otherwise there’ll be a mess.

Frank Lampard says that it is easier for an England player to get bad comments, trolls, and even criticism online than to stay away from their social media accounts for more than one month. He founds it to be a totally impossible task. Frank thinks himself lucky as he had to deal with the social media just at the end of his career. One thing that he wants the players to make sure is that negative comments and criticism has nothing to do with the game and performance. This criticism is nothing to take more seriously.

The next thing England players should do is to use the negative comments and criticism in a positive way as a fuel. In this way, they can boost their performance and can play really well by making this criticism positive for themselves. Well, there is no proper research that using social media around tournaments is a good thing or not or whether it impacts the performance of all players or just a few of them. It’s just the psychology of player that matters when it is about the use of social media followers while tournaments.

At the day end, it’s just about the player takes it all individually. A player needs to be proactive and has to positively manage the negativity to save his performance from any bad impacts.


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